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The Towne One Condos in Mississauga

The city of Mississauga has an increasing number of contemporary condominiums built throughout the recent years. If you are planning to visit the city or stay permanently for work, your accommodation would not be much of a problem. There are several Mississauga condos available for you. One of these is The Towne One Condos located at 3605 Kariya Drive. This condo is an excellent place with a lot of interesting suites, designer rooms and hotspots to enjoy. Built in 1989, it is one of the classic condos for sale renovated to provide its residents with modern and innovative décor that will last for years. What makes Towne One Condos an exceptional place to live in is the location, which makes it ideal for resident to get easy access to local amenities and entertainment hot spots.

Getting an Inside Look at The Towne One Condos( 3605 Kariya Drive)

Despite being old in age, The Towne One Condos provide great amenities to its residents, especially when it comes to sports and recreation. It provides entertaining activities and facilities where everyone can hang out and relax including a gym, tennis court, squash court and other exercise rooms. There are also pools, Jacuzzis and saunas at The Towne One condos. Additionally, party goers can also enjoy the party rooms from this building, made to entertain friends and family.

Security is another great amenity offered by The Towne One Condos(3605 Kariya Drive). Every part of the building has an installed security camera that runs for 24 hours. There are also guards stationed at the entrance security personnel who usually patrol inside and outside the building.

Most rooms in The Towne One Condos (3605 Kariya Drive) come with lockers, fridge, stove, built-in dishwasher, electrical light fixture, living space and large windows. Residents can also get a complimentary parking space underground and a central room air conditioning. Some rooms also come with extra amenities such as an Internet access, especially for guests on a business trip.

Why Go for The Towne One Condos

Planning to buy a condo at The Towne One Condos (3605 Kariya Drive) is an excellent choice. Situated at the fastest growing neighbourhood in Mississauga, this building has the best location where residents can easily go to key areas of the city including schools, medical centres, highways and public transit. There are also shopping malls and market places where you can shop for your necessities within just a few blocks. In addition, those who are fond of going out late at night will find a lot of restaurants and pubs near The Towne One Condos.

The Towne One Condos (3605 Kariya Drive) is continually developing its existing condominiums to provide better service to its residents. When it comes to security, amenities and price, you will definitely enjoy your stay at this classic condominium building in Mississauga.

The price offered to rooms is reasonable. If this is your first time to buy a home, it would not cost you that much to have a unit at the Towne One Condos (3605 Kariya Drive). Price starts at $200K, but it may vary accordingly. You can either choose to stay at a regular or a luxurious room filled with a lot of amenities and benefits.

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