Duke Of York Condos Mississauga.

Luxury Living at the Ovation Mississauga Condos

If you are in search for a place to live in that is capable of giving you comfort and luxury at its finest, Mississauga, Ontario is the ideal place for you. This city cradles most of today’s finest residential condominiums that offer hotel-like accommodations. One project that consistently stood up as one of the premium skyscrapers in Mississauga skyline is the famous Ovation Mississauga.

The Ovation Mississauga:

Despite the continuous mushrooming of residential condominiums in Mississauga, the Ovation is still considered as one of the strongest members of the City Centre condominiums of Mississauga, particularly in terms of providing luxurious and deluxe living experience to its tenants.

The 3880-3889 Duke of York condos are generally known as the ovation, having 3880 Duke of York as Ovation 1 and 3889 Duke of York as the Ovation 2. Other members of the prestigious Ovation project are the Grand Ovation in 310 Burnhamthorpe Rd and Ultra Ovation located at 330 Burnhamthorpe Rd.

Location and Features:

The Ovation Mississauga is specifically located at the corner of Burnhamthorpe and Duke of York Boulevard and is connected by a 2-storey lobby. The 3880-3889 Duke of York Condos are conveniently located close to most of Mississauga’s prime establishments. Some of the nearby places are the Square One Shopping Centre, Coffee Shops, Diners, YMCA, City hall and easy access to highways 401 and 403.

One of the main attractions of the Ovation is its breathtaking lobby that is sure to capture the hearts of guests and residents. The 2-storey lobby features a glass canopy, comfortable waiting area, 24-hour concierge and the popular waterfall to welcome its residents.

Residential Condos:

Residents can opt to choose among the Ovation’s bachelor pads, 2-3 bedroom suites or the penthouses. The suites’ sizes can range from up to 700 sq. feet and 1800 sq. feet for the penthouses. Apart from having spacious suites, residents can also enjoy the magnificent lake view of Mississauga from their balcony and terraces.

Each unit features state-of-the-art interior designs and is constructed using the latest technology in architectural designs. Granite counter tops and wood floorings will definitely add a contemporary feel to your suites, not to mention the soaring 9-ft. ceiling of each unit.

An ensuite laundry, branded appliances and reliable security monitoring system are also ensured by the Ovation Mississauga to complete its hotel-like accommodations.

The Club Ovation:

The main pride of this 3880-3389 Duke of York Condos is the 30,000 sq. feet recreation and fitness rendezvous of Mississauga, the Club Ovation.

For fitness highlights, the Club Ovation offers the latest fitness equipment like stationary bikes, treadmills, aerobic rooms and weights. In addition to that are the regular fitness classes such as yoga and aerobics.

Residents will surely not run out of something to do in the Club Ovation as it features a variety of recreational amenities, particularly the indoor swimming pool, whirlpool, sauna and a courtyard equipped with barbecue facilities. Weekend bonding with families and friends can be brought to another level with the Club’s bowling alley, billiards, virtual golf and the supreme 2-room party rooms.

For complete details, you can ask for the help of a reliable Mississauga real estate agent and begin your dream of owning a unit from the prominent The Ovation, Mississauga.

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School Near 3880 and 3888 Duke Of York Condos.


School Program Grades
Munden Park PS
515 Tedwyn Drive, Mississauga, L5A1J8, Phone:905-279-9251
Principal:Julie Darroch
Boundary Changed for Next Year… Click here for more information.
Regular Track K1 – Gr.4
Fairview PS
3590 Joan Dr., Mississauga, L5B1T8, Phone:905-277-0281
Principal:Tanis McNeely
Boundary Changed for Next Year… Click here for more information.
Regular Track Gr.5 – Gr.5
Camilla Sr.
201 Cherry Post Road, Mississauga, L5A1J1, Phone:905-270-0845
Principal:Karen Lane
Regular Track Gr.6 – Gr.8
TL Kennedy SS
3100 Hurontario St., Mississauga, L5B1N7, Phone:905-279-6540
Principal:Paul Freier
Regular Track Gr.9 – Gr.12
Corsair PS
2230 Corsair Road, Mississauga, L5A2L9, Phone:905-279-1511
Principal:Scott Krueger
Boundary Changed for Next Year… Click here for more information.
French Immersion Gr.1 – Gr.4
Corsair PS
2230 Corsair Road, Mississauga, L5A2L9, Phone:905-279-1511
Principal:Scott Krueger
Boundary Changed for Next Year… Click here for more information.
French Immersion Gr.5 – Gr.5
Tomken Road Middle
3200 Tomken Road, Mississauga, L4Y2Y6, Phone:905-277-0321
Principal:Diane Gordon
French Immersion Gr.6 – Gr.8
Applewood Heights SS
945 Bloor St. E, Mississauga, L4Y2M8, Phone:905-279-6090
Principal:Marcel Giraldi
French Immersion Gr.9 – Gr.12
Green Glade Sr.
1550 Green Glade, Mississauga, L5J1B5, Phone:905-822-8386
Principal:Norm Black
Extended French Gr.7 – Gr.8
Lorne Park SS
1324 Lorne Park Road, Mississauga, L5H3B1, Phone:905-278-6177
Principal:Peter Hill
Extended French Gr.9 – Gr.12
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