Condos For Sale In Marilyn Monroe – 50 Absolute Ave Mississauga.

50 Absolute Condos For Sale In Mississauga.

Everyone dreams of having his own piece of home someday. But with the population flaring up and space becoming a limited commodity, it has proven to be a lot more practical and cost-effective to invest in condominium units, rather than on houses with full lawns that take up a whole lot of space. If you live in the city of Missisagua, or would like to experience living there, then 50 Absolute Condos are definitely for you.

If you are living already in a different condo, maybe it’s high time for you to contact a local Mississauga real estate agent, sell your condo and come live at a place that’s sure to meet all your expectations. No need to buy condos whose promises all turn out to be a fluff. You can count on Marilyn Monroe condos to deliver only the best amenities, and so much more. It doesn’t hurt if you are a Marilyn Monroe fan as well. Here are some of the reasons why you should get a permanent address there:

Prime Location:

Located right at the heart of the city of Mississauga, Southern Ontario, the world’s famous Marilyn Monroe Towers have become one of the city’s top tourist attractions, with local and international tourists visiting the site. Resembling the actress’ famous curves, the tower has also defined Mississauga’s skyline, and has officially become a landmark in the city. The condos are located on the northeast corner of Hurontario and Burnhamthorpe, right across Square One.


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Top-notch Facilities:

50 Absolute Condos house at least 30,000 sq. ft. of amenities that are considered to be the best among the best in the condominium business. The three-storey lifestyle, recreation and exercise center was designed solely to provide residents a place for social recreation. The center has an outdoor pool for hot days, and a fireplace for the cold, winter nights. An indoor pool with a whirlpool may also be used by residents who do not want to expose themselves to outdoor conditions. The gymnasium which occupies two floors is for sports aficionados as it comes with basketball, badminton, and volleyball courts. An indoor track is also available for those looking for a quick run.

Families need not feel left out as there are activity areas that they can use for their leisure. There is a sun deck with barbecue facilities, and even different game rooms for the kids looking for entertainment. The world-class facilities are all elegantly styled and built up to the highest standards made available to residents.

Maximum Security:

Residents can sleep soundly in their units as the 50 Absolute condos employ the tightest security measures for your peace of mind. As with other top condos, the towers impose very strict security by limiting access to the location to residents and their guests. Various security personnel are always on hand, with closed circuit television cameras serving as backup.

Luxury Units:

Units were designed with luxury and elegance in mind. Everything is up to high quality standards, and decorated with a lifestyle that’s meant to feel very plush without you having to break the bank to afford it.

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