Condos For Sale In 70 Absolute Ave Mississauga.

70 Absolute Condos Mississauga–Luxury and Comfort at its Best

The Absolute World is one of the leading residential condominiums that embody both elegance and comfort in their properties. This skyscraper complex in Mississauga consistently proves that they are capable of competing with some of the world’s high rises through their sophisticated and state-of-the-art five tower condominiums.

The bizarre structural design of the Absolute condominium clearly shows how each unit is different from one another, giving you a unique sense for your unit. The five iconic towers of Absolute World include the Tower 50, Tower 60 or the Marilyn Monroe, Tower 70, Tower 80 and the Tower 90.

70 Absolute Condos Mississauga

The 70 Absolute Ave is one of the five iconic towers of Absolute World. This is considered as the second main tower of Absolute community.

The tower is located in Burnhamthorpe and is famous for its glass and metal inspired architectural design. In addition to that are its elliptical design incorporated with floor to ceiling glass walls, adding to the elegant appeal of the 70 Absolute Condos Mississauga.


Mississauga real estate agents are ecstatic whenever they market suites from Absolute World because they get to impress prospective clients with the high-end qualities and features of Absolute condominiums.

One of the remarkable features of Building B, or the 70 Absolute Condos is its 9 ft ceiling with pre-finished wood floors in every part of the suit. You can appreciate intricate designs from the biggest to the smallest details of the suites because it was done by trained and experienced interior designers.

Apart from the carefully engineered details of the suites, it also comes with a complete package to provide you with your own terrace, balcony or patios. You will also be given your own parking lot and locker.


Being a member of the 70 Absolute Condos Mississauga will also entitle you with privileges to access their world-class amenities, particularly with the Absolute Club, the cherry on top of the Absolute community.

Located in Absolute club is the aqua fitness, indoor swimming pool and the ever in demand whirlpool tub. You can also enjoy a swim in the outdoor swimming pool or spend quality time with friends and loved ones in the BBQ and lounging areas.

Fitness activities can also be enjoyed in the Absolute Club through different fitness areas for cardio, strength training and even yoga. Courts are also offered for sports like volleyball, basketball and badminton.

You will never fall short even with entertainment activities with their private function halls, billiards room and cinema equipped with massive TV screens and quality sound system. Relaxation can also be achieved with the spa and massage therapy offered by the Absolute Club.

Security is a priority of 70 Absolute Condos Mississauga. The tower offers 24-hour entry access, having all entrances and exits monitored by professional security personnel and closed circuit television system. Each suite is also equipped with intrusion alarm system as well as smoke and heat detectors, leaving you at ease and worry-free at all times.

Living comfortably without compromising elegance and sophistication is made possible by Absolute World. So, start looking for a reliable Mississauga real estate agent and communicate your dreams of having your very own 70 Absolute Condos Mississauga.

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