Californian Condos Mississauga – 50 Kingsbridge Garden Circle.

Urban Living at its Finest at Californian Condos, Mississauga.

You are probably one of those people who badly dream of having a superior urban living experience. But as how the saying goes, dreams will always remain dreams if no one will act to make those dreams into reality.

Fortunately, a group of real estate developers in Toronto were able to transpire into reality people’s dream of living a one-of-a-kind city lifestyle through developing the prestigious Californian Condos Mississauga.

Californian Condos ( 50 Kingsbridge Garden) Overview

Having been named as Californian Condos, this elite member of Mississauga’s skyline continues to live up to its legacy of providing its residents with a comfortable and lavish lifestyle without the pricey cost.

This residential building was completed in May 1989, and served as one of the frontrunners in Mississauga’s City Centre. It is located in the city’s prime residential areas Hurontario and Eglinton, specifically in 50 Kingsbridge Garden Circle.

Essentially, the 50 Kingsbridge Garden condos are known to provide affordable yet hotel-like accommodations for its residents. This condominium features classic and sophisticated suites, hotel-like lobby, and state-of-the-art fitness and recreation facilities that will surely provide tenants with everything they need.

Location: 50 Kingsbridge Garden Circle

Being situated in Kingsbridge Garden Circle, Californian Condos Mississauga gets the benefit of having a convenient access to some of Mississauga’s best entertainment and dining establishments. Just a few blocks away from the main building of Californian Condos are the Square One Shopping Centre, Coliseum, Celebration Square and the famous YMCA, not to mention all the other cafes, lounges and restaurants that are scattered around the area.

Furthermore, 50 Kingsbridge Garden condos are directly connected to Mississauga’s main roads such as Highway 403, 407, 401, and QEW.

Californian Suites:

The Californian Condos Mississauga is comprised of 17 floors and cradling 249 deluxe suites featuring excellent and top rank architectural designs.

Unlike other residential condominiums, Californian suites are well planned resulting to a more roomy layout. Residents can choose from 1 or 2 bedroom units with one bathroom, or a 2 bedroom suite with 2 bathrooms as well.

Each suite is carefully designed in a way that residents would have more functional space to move around. The suites feature open kitchen, wherein a dining bar is placed to connect the living and dining area. The units from Californian Condos Mississauga also feature large windows overseeing the breathtaking views of Toronto Skyline and the Lake Ontario.

And just like in 5-star hotels, the suites of Californian condos come with laundry and storage rooms, plus services from cable and Internet connections.

Californian Condos ( 50 Kingsbridge garden) Amenities:

Your dream of living an overrated urban lifestyle will not be complete without world class amenities from Californian Condos Mississauga.

This residential place offers exclusive water facilities such as indoor swimming pool, Jacuzzi and a relaxing sauna. A fully equipped fitness area, tennis and squash courts are also accessible to cater the resident’s needs of staying fit without having to go to outside gym or fitness centre.

Other prideful amenities of 50 Kingsbridge Garden condos are the availability of party room, guest suite, library, underground parking and a round-the-clock security monitoring.

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Schools in the boundary of Californian Condos – 50 Kingsbridge Garden Circle.

Searched Address Elementary Secondary French Immersion Extended French
School Program Grades
Huntington Ridge PS
345 Huntington Ridge Drive, Mississauga, L5R1R6, Phone:905-890-2170
Principal:Sharon Totafurno
Regular Track K1 – Gr.5
Fairwind Sr.
5235 Fairwind Drive, Mississauga, L5R3L2, Phone:905-507-3877
Principal:Susan Bartlett
Regular Track Gr.6 – Gr.8
Applewood Heights SS
945 Bloor St. E, Mississauga, L4Y2M8, Phone:905-279-6090
Principal:Marcel Giraldi

Regular Track Gr.9 – Gr.12
Edenrose PS
1342 Edenrose Street, Mississauga, L5V1K9, Phone:905-567-4296
Principal:Christina Herauf

French Immersion Gr.1 – Gr.1
Edenrose PS
1342 Edenrose Street, Mississauga, L5V1K9, Phone:905-567-4296
Principal:Christina Herauf

French Immersion Gr.2 – Gr.3
Corsair PS
2230 Corsair Road, Mississauga, L5A2L9, Phone:905-279-1511
Principal:Scott Krueger

French Immersion Gr.4 – Gr.5
Tomken Road Middle
3200 Tomken Road, Mississauga, L4Y2Y6, Phone:905-277-0321
Principal:Diane Gordon
French Immersion Gr.6 – Gr.8
Applewood Heights SS
945 Bloor St. E, Mississauga, L4Y2M8, Phone:905-279-6090
Principal:Marcel Giraldi
French Immersion Gr.9 – Gr.12
Green Glade Sr.
1550 Green Glade, Mississauga, L5J1B5, Phone:905-822-8386
Principal:Norm Black
Extended French Gr.7 – Gr.8
Lorne Park SS
1324 Lorne Park Road, Mississauga, L5H3B1, Phone:905-278-6177
Principal:Kent Armstrong
Extended French Gr.9 – Gr.12




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